What Goes On In Vegas Is A Lot Like What Goes on In Philly



Now, y'all know this shit makes no sense at all.....

Now, y'all know this shit makes no sense at all.....

When my woman and I first packed up the U-Haul and made the trek from Philly to Vegas, one of the things we repeatedly high-fived each other about was the fact that we were gonna miss those miserable East Coast winters….and when I say miss, I mean we both had middle fingers in the rearview….no more shoveling, no more black ice, no more freezing one’s ass off on a simple walk to the corner store…we were secure in the fact that it was hot as hell where we were going and that was that……four years and some change later, I sit here in my darkened living room, freezing my ass off…..huh?  What did I miss?  Isn’t this supposed to be the land of 100 degrees and “dry heat” and all of that kinda crap?  Someone forgot to tell Al Roker, ’cause Vegas is colder than it needs to be, for real. Now, I would never try to equate this weather with the monster that is always lurking back East…..but damn, what’s going on here is downright chilly……so much so that last week, we actually had a measurable snow fall here for the first time since the late 90’s; mind you, most of the stuff that fell melted when it hit the ground and by the next day, if you slept through the storm, chances are you would be hard pressed to even find any evidence that there was one.   However, a winter storm here does not have to live up to the East Coast’s standard to be a nuisance, and since most of the folks out here are from California, not too many people know how to drive in bad weather; indeed, by rush hour on the day of the snow, the freeways out here were like NASCAR adult bumper cars, there were crashes everywhere.  We moved out West to experience something different, weatherwise…..pretty soon, we’ll have to move again to achieve that…..


~ by darrylthewriter on December 24, 2008.

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  1. Freeeeeeeeze, bitchezzzzzz!!!!

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