The Return Of The Real Maverick


I used to like John McCain…..I thought he was the antidote to the Republican Party’s idealogical disregard for anything that wasn’t white…..he was just the guy to let his fellow Dumbos know that everyone deserved to be counted in what is supposed to be a free society…..but something got lost in his transition from Senator to Presidential candidate; he sold his values and positions out in the hope of gaining some votes….and in the end, it probably contributed to his loss to Barack Obama in November…..but last night, almost two months removed from the rigors and demands of life on the campaign trail, and absent of the need to disparage an obviously better positioned opponent, McCain appeared on Late Night with David Letterman…..and once again, reclaimed his status as everyman in Washington…..he was relaxed, engaging, honest, and completely different from the bitter geezer that stomped across the country, trying to scare folks into running away from the Black Guy….it was cool to see and I just have to wonder where in hell that guy has been all this time?


~ by darrylthewriter on January 3, 2009.

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