On Barkley and BJ’s


Charles, showing his broadcasting buddies what he was getting into later.....

Charles, showing his broadcasting buddies what he was getting into later.....

Today, it was announced that Charles Barkley would take a “leave of absence” from his commentating duties on TNT’s Inside The NBA following last week’s arrest for DUI in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Apparently, Bro. Barkley’s blood alcohol level at the time he got popped was almost twice the legal limit, yet he could not help himself from trying to pull away from the party he had been at, for fear he would miss out on oral sex from a woman that he told the cops had been “the best he ever had in his life” in a previous encounter.  As big a fan of Charles as I am, this latest in a long line of off-court incidents is not one to be easily laughed off and brushed aside as some of them have been.  The fact is, Charles got into a car and drove in an impared state and there is never a good reason to justify such an act.  He was wrong, plain and simple, and he should face some type of punishment for his transgressions.  He could have seriously hurt someone driving in that manner, and going to get some “head” is simply not an acceptable excuse.  This does not change my feelings for the guy, he’s one of the best athletes to ever come through Philly and his personality and willingness to use his celebrity for good causes are almost unmatched…….he’s just got to do better.


~ by darrylthewriter on January 9, 2009.

2 Responses to “On Barkley and BJ’s”

  1. DAMN!!! I didn’t know that his drunk ass left the party to get some head!! That must be a good “hoover”, if you are drunk as all hell, and still try to find the energy to get behind a wheel and risk life and limb for a stick shining….C’MON Chuck!!!!

  2. The same thing happened to my friend one night he left the club to go see this girl. Needless to say he never made it. He ended up calling me from jail the next day. Funny thing about it is he’s a big Charles Barkley fan.

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