CES 2009


Not that he needs to, but even this guy gets hyped for CES

Not that he needs to, but even this guy gets hyped for CES

The annual Consumer Electronics Show has touched down upon us here in Vegas for 2009 and much of the buzz surrounding the event has had to do with the effects of our crap economy on the spending habits of the normally ravenous gadget savvy shopper.  The economy has not, however, had an enormous effect on the desire of exhibitors to show their new devices and services for 2009.  Among the new offerings this year:

-the incredible amount of smaller laptop computers, called netbooks, that are being debuted this year.  Almost every computer maker that showed up at the show had a netbook to offer and the diversity in prices and features definitely are a highlight of the show.

-the introduction of OLED(organic light emitting diode) televisions.  These devices create beautiful, sharp pictures that are an improvement from LCDs and LEDs, not to mention the 3 millimeter thickness.  They are currently too expensive to mass produce, but the picture quality is stunning.

-the latest in cell phones have also made a big impact, from Palm’s new Pre to new offerings from Motorola and Samsung.  These next gen devices are offering touchscreens, sharper photo images and better video.

-the advent of wireless technologies for the home, from connecting computers to cable boxes to enabling gadgets to be charged with their mere placement on a charging device.

-the increase in downloadable devices, which provides the viewing public the option of bringing movies and other forms of video directly to their gadgets.

There is a lot more going on here, I just got tired and couldn’t walk anymore.  Check out the show’s website for more information@cesweb.org


~ by darrylthewriter on January 10, 2009.

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