When Giants Fall


On to Arizona, Bitches!!!!!

On to Arizona, Bitches!!!!!

Yesterday, the NFC Divisional Playoff went down in North Jersey  and the world champion New York Giants got eliminated from a possible defense of their title by some team that wears green from Philly….I think y’all know who…..before I forget, I need to send someone a special shout-out:  Fuck Troy Aikman……that asshole had the audacity to try and belittle #5 for his display on the Giants’ sideline, when he picked up a phone and pretended to have a conversation with the Giants’ coaches upstairs in the booth….it’s bad enough his punk ass was a Cowboy, was it really necessary to make that point?  Fuckin’ pill…..anyway, having got that off of my chest, I will say that Donnie’s goofy celebration was a bit premature, as there was still some time left on the clock…..but make no mistake, the Giants were a beaten team at that point, and McNabb, at least from this view, has earned the right to blow off some steam and enjoy the fruits of his and his teammates’ labor.  This game was a validation of perseverance and determination, of continuing to go on when every indication is that you should give up, of not taking shit from no one, and of making a city, despite what can be heard from folks like Eskin and Missanelli and all other doomsayers, beam with pride.  Now, it’s on to the racist desert paradise known as Arizona (I’m sorry, did I type that out loud?), where the veteran gunslinger Kurt Warner leads a similarly scorned team of red birds into the biggest game of the year in the conference.  The Cardinals have played much better recently and they most certainly won’t be an easy out, especially at home, in their state of the art palace…….that will make Gang Green’s W that much more sweet…….I love this game

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot, I have one last parting gift to give to all those Giants fans out there, licking their wounds:

"....and that's for screwing around on Kathie Lee...."

"....and that's for screwing around on Kathie Lee...."

Enjoy the game!!!


~ by darrylthewriter on January 12, 2009.

One Response to “When Giants Fall”

  1. OH MY GAWD!!! Send the haters down, the bloodbank’s open!!! Why is it that now all of a sudden these, piss-ass punk cowboy fans now want to shower the Philly blogs with enough hate to make Bin Laden’s phallic hard? Now, I’m not going to sit here and act as if we Philadelphians dont understand why the cowbitches are talking. It’s simple: We don’t like them, and they don’t like us, period. We respect the Giants as the world respected the bouts between Ali and Frazier. Now, they didn’t like each other, and they’ve been pretty nasty and disrespectful of each other. But in hindsight, they really respected each other’s skills and determination by the fact that they could’ve damn near killed each other in that ring. That’s the same way the Eagles and the Giants have and should respect each other. So when I hear Giants fans hate in the blogs, I laugh with respect, because we could’ve been the exsact same way. However, I will never, EVER, EV-EV-EV-EV-EV-EVER respect Cowboys fans. Ya know why? Because y’all cheer and talk smack about a bunch of selfish ass players! At least we go down in flames as a unit: What the hell do yall do when yall burn? You try and show that you have a heart, but I know that it’s just not there….Screw the boys, tell Romo I said” Oh, NOOOOOOO!!!!”, and we move on to Arizona……Eagles win a tight one!!! SB ’09, baby!!!

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