Ann Coulter Must Shut Up and Never Speak Again


Among the most dangerous people on the planet

Among the most dangerous people on the planet

I love the ideas that this country was founded on……freedom, liberty, justice, and all that jazz.  The beauty of this set up is that anyone can speak their peace, regardless of how stupid or prejudiced it may be.  Enter one Ann Coulter, a right wing political pundit that has, for lack of a better phrase, forced herself and her skewered views onto an unsuspecting audience.  Her divisive rhetoric comes off like the stump speech for a David Duke rally, as she has made it her mission in life to assail any viewpoint not aligned with her own twisted conservative agenda.  Her venomous disdain for anything she considers liberal has lead to some of the most off-putting, preposterous notions ever uttered aloud, from her skewering of some of the widows of the 9/11 tragedy to her more recent trashing of Michelle Obama.  Her appeal is firmly rooted in her ability rile up the GOP’s stock audience, those horny old Republicans that enjoy hearing their particular brand of nonsense spewed from the mouth of a mini-skirted blonde, much in the same way Sarah Palin did before folks had a chance to actually listen to what she was saying.  She personifies the type of individual that people should shield their kids from, for fear that rampant prejudice and diarrhea of the mouth are contagious.  To simplify, it would bring me immeasurable joy if she would just shut the fuck up.


~ by darrylthewriter on January 13, 2009.

2 Responses to “Ann Coulter Must Shut Up and Never Speak Again”

  1. Word!!!!! We need to tie up her, sean hannity, and rush limbaugh by the wrists to a schoolyard gate, and spank them with Indiana Jones’ bullwhip….

  2. I am a christian who voted for Obama. Ann Coulter is a angry, bitter person. Attacking the widow’s of9-11 is inexcusable. It makes me sad that her and Rush Limbaugh, spit their venom in the name of God or being a conservative.They go against everything this country was based on.
    I believe she may be jealous of Michelle Obama,How sad!!!!!!!!!

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