No Money Mayweather


Take the cash, the chain and the watch straight to the I.R.S......

Take the cash, the chain and the watch straight to the I.R.S......

I apologize for repeating this, ’cause I’m sure y’all have heard it before, but yet one more boxer has problems with ‘ole Uncle Sam and giving him his cut……the latest in this series: none other than Floyd “Money” Mayweather, who has $6 million reasons to get his ass back in the ring and resume his stellar career…..I have to admit, this guy grew on me, I didn’t particularly care for his brand of egotism and showboating, simply because most times, it just showed up his opponents and left a bad taste in my mouth….but then, I started to look back on his career and his crazy upbringing and how he has fought for the approval of his father without much success…..I watched his fights and came to understand and appreciate his absolutely freakish skills in the ring: the speed, the defense, the solid chin…..this guy is a champion, no doubt about it, he has left an indelible mark on boxing and has earned the accolades that have come his way……but outside of the ring, as evidenced on the HBO series 24/7, his flamboyance and flashy style have paved a brick road straight to the I.R.S.  He still is a bankable commodity in the sport, so I am sure that he will get past this and resolve his debts, but what is to say that he won’t be back in the same position in a few years, when his skills have eroded and he’s left with barely enough to attract a crowd, a lot like Evander Holyfield is now.  I hope he sees his mistakes and has the mettle to correct them….no more “making it rain”, Segways in the house, 15 luxury cars in the driveway……just be Floyd, yo, there is enough there…..


~ by darrylthewriter on January 21, 2009.

3 Responses to “No Money Mayweather”

  1. Good article Darryl. Floyd is a great boxer. Definitely a pound 4 pound best. True onna comparison to Evander (a few years down the road)…I can see that w/ Floyd if he isn’t careful.

  2. Hey D! Wanted to drop a line and show love, figured it would be appropriate to on a sports article. Enjoyed your writing. MuchLove, K.

  3. Damn, where the hell I been? My boy darrylthewriter had to put me up on game. I didn’t even know Floyd was going thru this. Well he ain’t the only one I’m right there with him on this I.R.S shit.

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