Rush Hopes Barack Fails


He's smoking crushed up pills, no doubt

He's smoking crushed up pills, no doubt

I had to hear it for myself, ’cause the headline on CNN caught my eye almost immediately……..Rush Limbaugh said that because of President Obama’s stimulus package, which would shift some control of the banking industry in this country to government regulators, thereby giving control to the government (his logic, not mine), we are all doomed to further hell coming down the road……essentially, because the White Chubbster can’t have his way, he has placed his curse on all of us, hoping that we all fall into ruin just so he can say, “Told y’all”.  This is the ultimate, folks……someone that loves his USA so much, that he would give us all up just to be right…..even for him, this is incredible….it’s not enough that he repeatedly invokes race into the meat of his arguments, it’s not enough that his asshole listeners are whipped into a frenzy with just a word or two from their Rush, it’s not enough that he has lost employment over his twisted, cynical, bitter half-assed viewpoints, but now, in an hour where our country stands at the fiscal crossroads, he would have us all collapse under the weight of our sagging, wounded economy because it’s not operating on his terms…..he would have our newly sworn in leader fail just to be right…..Damn, that is the next level in conservative talk radio bullshit….people had problems with Rev. Wright (as do I), yet this horseshit dominates the airwaves everyday…..add this to the list of Shit that I Just Don’t Get.


~ by darrylthewriter on January 21, 2009.

One Response to “Rush Hopes Barack Fails”

  1. they oughta chain his ass up to a gate, and let McNabb throw bullet passes at his ign’ant (that one’s for u, Rush) ass all day!!

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