The Strongest Word’s Lightning Round


Welcome, my friends to the first Lightning Round, a post where I touch on several topics at once……I am making a big deal out of nothing, I know, but when I saw the picture, I had to find a reason to post it, so here we go:


You did work, my friend.

You did work, my friend.

-First on today’s list, I’d like to congratulate the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for getting it right by giving a posthumous Best Supporting Actor nomination to Heath Ledger, who was beyond phenomenal as the Joker in the Dark Knight, the second highest grossing flick of all time…..I’m still trying to figure out how the rest of the cast and crew were shutout of the rest of the nominations, that was the best comic book flick ever….as bad as Maggie Gyllenhaal looked and acted in the film, even she couldn’t muck this one up, yet the Hollywood bias against anything remotely close to comic books continues.


Skills......the boy's got 'em.

Skills......the boy's got 'em.

-A shout out to Jamie Foxx, whose comedic talents seem to get lost in the quest to legitimize his star in Hollywood.  Foxx delivered two stellar impersonations this week, starting with an incredibly accurate version of Barack Obama at the We Are One concert in D.C. this past weekend.  The President and his family enjoyed every word as Foxx launched into Obama’s victory speech from election night.  Then, while in Philly shooting a movie directed by the great F. Gary Gray, Mayor Nutter presented Foxx and Gerard Butler with keys to the city.  Upon reaching the podium to accept, Foxx went directly into a perfect imitation of the Mayor, much to the delight of the crowd.  People want to gloss over Foxx’s time on In Living Color and his stand up career, but it still serves him well.


Y'all need to stop.....ridiculous

Y'all need to stop

-How is it that the company responsible for one of the crappier toys of all time, The Beanie Babies, decides to attempt to market new dolls oddly enough named “Malia” and “Sasha”, but then scrambles to attempt to deny that the dolls are named after our new President’s daughters? I don’t know about y’all, but how many people do you know named “Malia”?  The company’s credibility seems shot after that one, those girls have enough to contend with…… bad move.



Still dogging that brother, literally.

Still dogging that brother, literally.

-Who died and left PETA to torment the rest of us?  I’m still trying to wrap my arms around the fact that these folks are crazy enough to insist that Michael Vick undergo a brain scan and psychological profiling upon his release from prison for dog fighting charges.  It’s not enough that this man has spent well over a year in Leavenworth, lost millions of dollars, and tarnished his name forever, but these asses want him to bow and scrap, like they are bringing back Amos and Andy or something (look it up).  Even crazier is that this evaluation would be in addition to a public service announcement  that Vick was supposed to shoot, discouraging people from fighting dogs….why can’t people learn to quit while they are ahead?


The Bucket List 2, Chillin' @ Staples

The Bucket List 2, Chillin' @ Staples

-Morgan Freeman is the best we’ve got, y’all……it doesn’t get any better than him (Jack ain’t bad, either). I just watched the Bucket List again (thanks HBO) and although this was, by no means, a great film, the scene where Freeman is at a bar and a fine chick walks up and propositions him is a study in restraint and class…..not too many actors out there could have struck that balance between poise and temptation….he is awesome.

That’s gonna do it for now folks…..thanks for coming out, God bless, good night…….

~ by darrylthewriter on January 24, 2009.

One Response to “The Strongest Word’s Lightning Round”

  1. keep it comin’ Dabble…agreed…shout to Jamie Foxx….dead accurate w/ the Morgan Freeman assessment.

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