Kanye, Kanye, Kanye……


First, let’s acknowledge the pain that this talented young brother must be going through…..his mother’s death was sudden, tragic, and completely unexpected and the void that remains after one loses a parent, especially one as influential and nurturing to her son as Miss West was, is huge.  Couple that with the break-up of his relationship with a women that was his fiance (Alexis Phifer) and the relentless, unabashed scrutiny of the paparazzi and maybe we can get a glimpse of the mega-tons of stuff that is weighing so heavily on his shoulders and, for that matter, his mind. However, this guy is losing himself, in my estimation, right before our eyes.  Let’s start with his latest album, 808’s and Heartbreak.  This work is a rapid departure from the stuff that won him his first acclaim and notoriety, and ordinarily, this might serve as the next chapter in the development of an artist……in this case, however, it is nothing short of disappointing, a venture into the deep, dark abyss of his own personal hell, narrated in Auto-Tone.  He is capable of so much more, but none of it is on display in this project.  

Next, let’s delve into the topic of his aesthetic choices, namely this obsession with the fashion industry.  The “Louis Vuitton Don” has, from day one, proclaimed his intricate knowledge of all things fashion related.  He’s been a fairly sharp dresser since his emergence, rocking the obligatory labels and accessories with a confidence and style well beyond his years….but now?  It seems as if he’s raided Cyndi Lauper’s wardrobe from her Girls Just Wanna Have Fun video, with classically clashing colors seemingly stripped from some parrot in the tropics.  I know this is coming off like hate, but trust me, it’s far from it, I have mad love and respect for the brother and his talents;  this is more about wondering if this brother is still the same guy we all know and love…..and even if he isn’t that person anymore, is the person that he’s become still worthy of the acclaim?

Come on, ‘Ye…..really?



~ by darrylthewriter on January 28, 2009.

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