Is Something Going On In Tampa Tomorrow?


I can't do it y'all.......let me know when it's done

I can't do it y'all.......let me know when it's done

My feelings are still hurt…..I can’t bring myself to watch the “Big Game” tomorrow (I’m not even gonna mess around with Goodell, so that’s what I’ll call what’s going to happen tomorrow) ’cause the wounds I suffered from that debacle in Arizona two weeks ago are still fresh.  The Eagles did it to me and thousands like me again, taking us on that familiar journey that leads to nowhere each and every time and in the wake of that withering loss, I’m left with little to no interest in the Big Game.  I’ll give props to Kurt Warner, for keeping his skill set intact for another run at immortality, and also to Larry Fitzgerald and Edgeron James for their brilliant playmaking  during the last few games, invigorating a once scorned franchise with a season straight out of a soap opera storyline.  The Steelers deserve respect as well, grinding out win after win this year and playing in a style very similar to the old teams of the Steel Curtain era. Ben Rothelisburger has been through the ringer on and off of the field in the time since his last trip to this game, and the game management skills he showed all through that run are once again on display, enhanced by experience.  These two teams were not on the radar in terms of dream championship game matchups at the beginning of the season, but have scratched and clawed their way for the right to play for the crown.  In the end, I thing that the Pittsburgh defense will wear on the high flying Cardinal offensive machine enough to grind out a close victory.  But I’m not going to watch, I’m going bowling with the Mrs. instead.  Let me know how it turns out.


~ by darrylthewriter on January 31, 2009.

One Response to “Is Something Going On In Tampa Tomorrow?”

  1. Republican or Democrat, Steeler or Cardinal fan,Vegan or carnivore, now is the time to give our new President the remote control.

    Gimme some uh them chips, though.


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