Black Steele In The Hour Of Chaos


Congrats, brother......don't let them drag you down

Congrats, brother......don't let them drag you down

I was shocked as I read the headline yesterday……Michael Steele, former lieutenant governer of the state of Maryland, & among the more moderate conservative voices to come out of the Republican fray, was elected to the post of chairman in the Republican National Committee.  For the first time, a black man is the leader of the party of Lincoln, Goldwater, and Reagan, after Steele survived six rounds of voting and outlasted the incumbent leader to take over the top spot.  Now, ordinarily, I would not make any noise about the going ons in the GOP, simply because for the most part, it’s not something that concerned me.  I stopped looking for the Republicans to represent me and those who look like me a long time ago, when Reagan and crack began their all-out assault on urban America way back at the start of the 80’s.  The Christian conservative wing of the Republican party, among others, made it clear back then that black people were, in their estimation, part of the problem they wanted to solve and eliminate.  Even when they would trot out an occasional dark face in the attempt to prove their “diversity”, it would never be enough to convince me that they included me in their plans.  Their policies and practices were exclusionary, to say the least, and put me in a most defensive posture. But with the election of President Obama and the switch in the majority in both houses of Congress, it seems that the Republicans have been forced to change the way they will go forward, especially in light of the fact that the American electorate has indicated their willingness to vote for change.  I have watched Mr. Steele numerous times on MSNBC, as well as his appearances on Bill Maher’s Real Time on HBO and I have come away impressed with him, if not for his political views, then definitely for his ability to communicate his beliefs without the usual rancor and condescending nature of the arguments that the GOP tends to put forward…..he’s figured out he doesn’t need to insult you to disagree with you, and that suits me fine.  My hope is that his leadership will steer the party towards ideas and policies that include all Americans and improve the way that politics shapes lives, especially in these tough times.  Congrats, Mr. Steele…….make all of us proud.


~ by darrylthewriter on January 31, 2009.

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