Review: “Dinner Is Served” mixtape, Nico the Beast



Now how can you resist when someone is offering you a meal?  In this case, the nourishment being served is a fresh batch of  East Coast thump and menace, served up by a chef of immense skill, one Nico the Beast.  After setting the bar high with his debut solo joint No Beast So Fierce, Nico returns with a monster 23 piece mixtape that effortlessly cements the Beast’s place among hip hop’s new guard.  Dinner Is Served is packed  with tracks that showcase the Beast over richly crafted production that knocks without distraction.  Whether its solo (Changes Made, Fight To Survive, Promised Land) or with his guests (the awesome Underground Kings w/Reef the Lost Cause, Pimp vs. Rockstar featuring 2ew Gunn Ciz and M.O.G., Can’t Fight the Feeling Freestyle w/Zilla Rocca), Nico stamps each track with his wordy, bruising flow and holds his own in the company of some very nice M.C.’s.  This project represents Nico’s ascension to the next level, a clear indication of the work that he’s done up to this point and a sign of what is to come.  Dinner Is Served, folks, and those that are starving for some real hip-hop should take part in the feast being laid out here.

To grab a free download of Dinner Is Served, head over to my main man Zilla Rocca’s must read blog @ and find the link there.

~ by darrylthewriter on February 5, 2009.

3 Responses to “Review: “Dinner Is Served” mixtape, Nico the Beast”

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  2. CORRECT!!!

    ps…don’t sleep onna joint w/ Planetary too.

  3. Beats tight, rhyme tight. Damn he’s good! It’s better than the morning coffee. I’m a fan!

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