When BET gets it right


Diddy's clean, Mary is beautiful

Diddy's clean, Mary is beautiful

I will be the first to admit it, I am not the biggest viewer of Black Entertainment Television.  I’m guessing that I would be beyond the target audience at this point and given that the majority of their current programming includes “reality” television shows that are a bit off of my radar, that is not all that bad a fact.  However, every now and than, my inherent need to constantly scan the channels on my cable box to see  “what else is on” (thanks, Mr. Seinfeld) will take me past BET and, lo and behold, there will be something I can get into.  Damned if that didn’t happen tonight, when I stumbled upon the 2009 BET Honors, an award program that celebrates and recognizes the achievements of various entertainers and leaders in the African-American community.  Tonights honorees included the master of the no-look, Magic Johnson, the incomparable Judith Jameson, the great Mary J.Blige, the beautiful B. Smith, Rep. James Clyburn, and mogul in the making, Tyler Perry.  The evening was filled with great performances from Stevie Wonder, Anthony Hamilton, Queen Latifah (whom I love dearly, but is not a singer, regardless of how hard the folks clap for her….sorry), and the incredible Anita Baker, whose voice is still razor sharp, cutting to shreads out of the crap that masquerades as R&B these days.  This was one of those award ceremonies that was actually entertaining, with short speeches, and genuine heartfelt celebratory emotion.  BET was on point last night, y’all……it was great to see.


~ by darrylthewriter on February 9, 2009.

2 Responses to “When BET gets it right”

  1. There is nothing like good looking, well educated black folk. BET did us justice. And the Queen L A T I F A H in command, as much as I love sis, needs to stick to rapping. Who you call a Bxxxx!

  2. Yo I’m burned out from the old BET
    The inaugural opening for BET was showcasing Amos & Andy, that should have told you they are on a crash course.
    package that with more infomercial and Syndicated sitcoms than actually real programming you a network with no true respect to the audience it’s servicing. It’s a joke now! If they had something worth showcasing… I’d be surprised.

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