The Latest Blow To Boxing


Standing up to a cheater who couldn't cheat

Standing up to a cheater who couldn't cheat

When the news came out earlier this week that Antonio Margarito and his trainer were being suspended for a year from boxing for attempting to place a “plaster-like substance” into Margarito’s gloves prior to the Margarito-Mosley fight, it was another setback for the sport.  Mosley, a heavy underdog going into the bout, was in control for the entire fight, dishing out a devastating beatdown, and in the process, casting doubt on Margarito’s victory over Miguel Cotto, who was pummeled in their fight.  This was an ‘L” for boxing, which is in a state of flux and cannot seem to get out of it’s own way.  The use of performance enhancing drugs in sports has been a hot topic of late, but this is a step even further in the wrong direction; this is cheating on a whole other level.  At least with a steroid, an athlete still has to show up and do the work necessary to even begin to receive any benefit, adding a hard substance to one’s hand wraps is the ultimate in illegal competitive advantage; I would even say it verges on being “criminal”.  I would liken it to beating someone with a brick, maybe even worse.  It is the lowest form of cheating and if I had been in on that suspension hearing, I’m not sure he could be trusted to fight ever again.  This is just one more damaging blow to a sport already dealing with waning interest and the ascension of MMA into the American sporting conscience.  Hopefully, this is just an isolated case of one rogue individual, but sadly, my skepticism won’t allow me to believe that.


~ by darrylthewriter on February 12, 2009.

4 Responses to “The Latest Blow To Boxing”

  1. good read Dee…keep it coming

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  3. Boxing has lost a great deal of its luster. The new cats are looking for glory at the price of undercutting the sport and its fans. I have always bet on black and so it shall be. Go SHANE!
    Great read !

  4. Boxing has always been a sport that involved contraversy and cheating, and this latest fiasco is no different. I have heard many athletes say, ” If you aint trying to cheat, then you ain’t trying to win” Chasing the ultimate pay day will drive most people to cheat even if it means killing or seriously maming your opponent.

    Long Live Barry Bonds!!

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