Dwight Howard Is A Physical Abnormality


He should have pulled this one out last night

He should have pulled this one out last night

First, let me congratulate two-time champion Nate Robinson on his win in last night’s dunk contest during NBA All-Star Weekend in Phoenix.  Nate is ridiculous, flying through the air and doing what no man his height should be able to do.  His dunk last night where he jumped over Dwight Howard was incredible, and the corresponding reaction from the crowd nearly blew the roof off of the arena.  He deserved to win last night, and his genius green “kryptonite” persona proved lethal to Howard’s “Superman”.  But, let’s be clear, in all due respect to Robinson and his victory, the best dunk of the night came when Howard ran into a telephone booth, literally, and came back onto the court to accept a bounce pass and easily rise to throw down a two handed jam……on a twelve foot rim.  Un-freaking-belivable, my friends, that just should not be possible for a human being, I’m sorry.  The thought of this guy doing such a thing as easily as I climb in and out of my car every day led me to one, painfully obvious conclusion…..I might not ever be able to compete with these kids that came behind me, ever……it’s just that frickin’ simple.  How in hell are you supposed to guard someone that can and will jump completely over you……what’s the strategy for that assignment?  Sad but true, my days of contemplating being able to dance with that kind of comp are over (have been over for a while really); the rubber stamp on the whole notion came last night via Big Bro Howard.  And then Lebron James declared himself a competitor in next year’s contest in Dallas…….and then it was mentioned he can dunk on a thirteen foot rim…..the dunk contest is back, for sure.


~ by darrylthewriter on February 15, 2009.

5 Responses to “Dwight Howard Is A Physical Abnormality”

  1. Great post Darryl.

    I agree wholeheartedly with the fact that we just can’t compete with these kids on the court. I think I would make a cool lil assist man but I refuse to go in the paint with D. Howard standing in there ready to send my Mark Jackson tear-drop floater to the next zip code.

  2. wow that was a bad picture but i love him so much how hot is he loveeeeeeeee him

  3. ii love dwight howard

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