Don’t Read The New York Post Ever Again

I hate half-assed apologies…..they are mostly self-serving for the “apologists” and they almost never address the wrong that was perpetrated in the first place….for instance, take the lame statement masquerading as an apology that came out from the New York Post today, in an effort to quell the storm they aroused when they published a cartoon that clearly is making a racial mockery of this country’s President.  On the surface, this might seem like the appropriate thing to do, considering the amount of negative attention that this whole situation has caused.  But, upon a closer look, all these words do is make it clear that some people would rather make a point concerning “opportunists” than show a genuine concern for the people that turned away from that cartoon hurt and embarassed…..and pissed.  The words thrown at us by the Post do nothing to address the egregious harm caused by the racially divisive stereotypes perpetuated by this drawing.  All it does is to point fingers at someone else without addressing the harm done.  I am so deeply offended, that I can only come to the conclusion that the Post, a key name in the pantheon of great New York publishing entities, should be put down and unread, from this point on.  Clearly, the folks in charge there have no regard for the power of their images, no matter what place they are created from.  Our President and our country deserve a lot more respect than these folks are offering, and as such, I would ask that each and every eyeball that drags itself across these words consider not reading this publication; as they have clearly shown, their apparent lack of regard for the audience of readers that grab or click onto their newspaper everyday shows how little our respect matters to them.  Say no to the Post.


~ by darrylthewriter on February 19, 2009.

5 Responses to “Don’t Read The New York Post Ever Again”

  1. Hello, Obama didn’t write the pork bill, he just promoted it like he did. Does anybody get the cartoon was referencing the monkeys in congress, not Barry? People want it to be racist. It isn’t, but people just can’t lay down that card.

  2. The way this president is operating, the truth is not “mockery.” Unless you think that “..ethics in government”, means hiring a thief to catch a thief–Geithner; Dachle; Rankel, and now Rahm “I send dead fish to my enemies’ Emanuel; or, “..lobbyists are not allowed..”. The latest count is 21; or.”..Only qualified people will serve..” Yeah! Like the nominee for Solicitor general who has never appeared before the US Supreme Court OR ANY OTHER APPELLATE COURT. Or, ” there will be transparency” And yet, no member of Congress was given the opportunity to read the Stimulus Bill before voting on it; Or, Washington Insiders are out.” At last count there were 31 ex-Clintonistas. Or, “..No lobbyist will ever darken my door.” So how come there are so many including the No.2 man at the Pentagon?

    The Anointed One doesn’t need anyone to pen caricatures or make a mockery of him. He will win the Pulitzer Prize by doing it all by himself. Only 3 years-11 months to go and “..Poof to the two “M’s”–The Messiah and Michelle.

    • Thanks for your comments…..I think you miss the whole point of my post, it’s not an indictment of the Post for their criticism of the stimulus, that is completely subjective and appropriate; my issue is with the choice of symbolism and imagery used. No one is so enamored with Obama that he cannot be criticized; indeed, I can see where I won’t agree with his policies. But in no way is it acceptable to put a monkey in a cartoon as the author of the stimulus and pretend like it’s not racial motivated. Period.

  3. Darryl The Write is on point, the symbolism is the issue here. One thing about an artist is that he or she recognizes the importance of symbolism and how it contributes to their point or expression. The artist also included in the cartoon a sign that reads” Curb your dog” the placement of that sign is not just by happenstance. A swatstika is an ancient symbol that was around thousands of years before the idiot Nazi’s borrowed it yet, if I include it in an editorial that pertains to a person of Jewish descent I cannot excuse it away by saying its an ancient symbol that actually means harmony. The cartoonist and NY Post can rationalize the editorial all they want but as an African American I am offended by his choice to use a chimpanzee in the cartoon, and his rationale for using it was weak.

  4. Why U Gotta hitem so Hard Dee!
    Ok on the real it looks like Mike understood what you said! “rjjrdq” & “llabesab” read it again!
    You are comparing apples to hand grenades! Just like the cartoonist.
    Apparently you have no idea what Darryl is talking about so you just commented your opinion about the stimulus plan. (make your point clearer both of you!)

    in the simplest terms that B.S. was racist statement like “Nappy Headed Hoes” do you remember that ?
    The chimp attack has absolutely nothing to with the stimulus plan let alone President Obama.

    Here is something to think about…

    My grandmother told me of a situation when my father was about 5 or 6 yrs old.
    This would be about 1943ish. They were walking down the street and a young boy was sitting on
    the step with his grandfather. The young boy pointed to my father and Grandmother and said “Look Look Niggers”
    the grandfather promptly struck the boy to correct the statement he made. My Grandmother stopped an stated “Don’t hit him, he’s only saying what he’s been taught!”

    As much as we try we still don’t seem to understand that racism is alive and kicking.

    Think about what you say before you say it. The NewYork Post cartoon let us know that not only did the cartoonist F*&K up but the editor Fu*K’d up too by allowing the cartoon for press.

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