Among The Coolest On The Planet

How cool could one guy be?

I met someone that was, yes, even cooler than this guy.....

Have you ever come across a person that was a cool individual without trying, just by being themselves and existing within their own skin?  Yesterday, I had the good fortune of running across just such an individual.  Yesterday, after an almost equally cool experience of meeting the head football coach of University of Las Vegas and taking a tour of their facilities (my stepson is being recruited…, my wife and I decided to head to a local gourmet pizza spot for a late dinner.  We had not been to this particular spot for well over a year, due to a bad experience we had there where we sat for almost a half hour without being waited on.  However, we decided to see if that was an isolated incident and returned, seeking out a grub before turning in.  I am happy to say that our previous experience was an anomaly, because yesterday’s outing could not have been more different.  Our waiter was awesome, attending to our every whim and doing so in a friendly, matter-of-fact manner.  He was attentive, funny, efficient, and he took care of us, above and beyond what was required.  When we related the story of our previous experience, he not only felt bad about it, he capped off our meal with a complementary dessert dish that was over the top , something called a messy sundae that was indeed, messy….but in a good way.  We had a great meal and our waiter could not have been better.  So, in the interest of using my blog for the advertisement about what is right on this planet, I would like to take this opportunity to shout out Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza in Henderson, Nevada and our waiter, a gentleman by the name of Dustin, for a great experience that virtually wiped out the first one we had.  If you are ever in Vegas, check them out, the food is great, and if last night is any indication, so is the service.  Thanks, Dustin…..I’ll be in touch, homie.  You are the coolest man on the planet today, even cooler than The Iceman.


~ by darrylthewriter on February 22, 2009.

One Response to “Among The Coolest On The Planet”

  1. Never been to Sammies Woodfired Pizza but I’ll defiantly check it out now. Dustin might be cool, but did he have a butterfly collar like The Iceman George Gervin? Hopefully he doesn’t “finger roll” your pizza onto the table. LOL.

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