Slumdog’s Night


The little film that took them all to school

The little film that took them all to school

Last night’s Oscar ceremony was the first one that I can recall enjoying so much.  Instead of the normal bordom endurance run with the atmosphere of a rubber chicken dinner banquet, this show was engaging, smart, and well-paced.  Hugh Jackman proved a most capable first time host, exuding charm and coolness with ease (with all due respect to Daniel Craig, this guy was James Bond without the shaken not stirred martini last night) and most assuredly guaranteeing that the female audience will flock to the theaters when his X-Men spinoff hits the screen.  I especially enjoyed Sean Penn’s acceptance speech for his Best Actor win, as well as the new added touch of having five previous winners present a category with a word about each nominee.  But, without a doubt, the night belonged to Slumdog Millionaire, the little film that beat back all challengers to take home eight awards, including best picture.  Mumbai and Bollywood attained legitimacy last night, proving that even the tiniest film with an unknown cast and a strong story can be a formidable foe come Oscar time.  Congratulations to Danny Boyle and the cast and crew of this film, I’m going to see it asap.


~ by darrylthewriter on February 23, 2009.

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