Harold and Kumar’s Buddy Gives A Speech



You have to bring more than that, Governor.

You have to bring more than that, Governor.

It’s been approximately 24 hours since President Obama addressed Congress about his economic plan….and approximately 22 1/2 hours since Louisiana’s governor, Robert Jindal, delivered the Republican party’s response….and approximately 22 hours since I stopped laughing at the governor’s speech, a standard GOP stump effort complete with the all too familiar “they’re wrong, we’re right” rhetoric, further accented by Jindal’s smooth vocal stylings.  He sounds like Dr. Seuss, three hours and a dose of ecstasy into a rave. He could have been Kumar’s cousin in the “Harold and Kumar” movies and that would have been a hell of a lot more interesting than than nonsense that went on last night. Given the stakes that were on the table, the Republican’s young prodigy came up short and looked like a deer in the Presidential limo’s headlights.  If this was a preview of what is to come from the Republicans in 2012, then the Obamas need not worry about filling out any change of address forms for quite a while.  Where was Michael Steele?  For that matter, how come someone didn’t go north and grab our favorite Nanook-styled Governess to deliver that speech?  For one, a Sarah Palin response last night would have, at the very least, been interesting……and a lot more watchable.  Jindal has time to polish his act and find some fire from within, but he is not the dark horse for the GOP, as advertised.  He is a dim bright spot…..and last night confirmed the depth of the GOP’s hole.


These guys could have given a better speech than Gov. Jindal

These guys could have given a better speech than Gov. Jindal

P.S. Could someone tell Nancy Pelosi to sit her ass down!!!  She was wigging me out last night……


~ by darrylthewriter on February 25, 2009.

One Response to “Harold and Kumar’s Buddy Gives A Speech”

  1. …Was it me, or was his mouth letting out these weird ass whistles, everytime he pronounciated? LMAO…Hilarious shit….I didn’t even hear the speech over my laughter…Kumar, like a MOfo!!

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