Tiger Lost?!? What Am I Gonna Do Now?


Damn, homie.....and get off that knee!!

Damn, homie.....and get off that knee!!

The world of golf was turned on it’s ear earlier today when Tiger Woods lost his second round match to Tim Clark in the Accenture Match Play Championship  in Marana, Az.  Woods, 8 months removed from reconstructive knee surgery, ran into problems from the beginning of the match and was not able to duplicate his performance from just a day ago.  All throughout Tiger’s layoff, the sport of golf suffered tremendously, as its biggest draw was sidelined and interest waned considerably.  No one watched while he was away, and with his early exit from this tournament, chances are that the ratings for the rest of the way are gonna suck like a Dyson.  This guy is an entity in and of himself….he is golf, for better or worse.  He is the only reason that most folks even bother with the sport to begin with and after the letdown of his early exit, it’s gonna be tough to get folks to even pay attention.  He’s back, but he’s not back….kinda frustrating.

Cheer up, dude, there’s always the Masters……

Dammit....ah well, let me call the accountant, cheer up right quick.....

Tiger likes to cut the cheese between holes.....


~ by darrylthewriter on February 26, 2009.

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