Boras Being Boras



When I see these two, I'm thinking Gepetto and Pinocchio

When I see these two, I'm thinking Gepetto and Pinocchio

How, in your right mind (which, in this case, obviously ain’t right) do you turn down $25 million dollars a year…….twice?  The great Manny Ramirez, obviously egged on by his slime of an agent, Scott “the new Don King” Boras, accomplished that feat earlier this evening when he rejected an offer from the Los Angeles Dodgers for a two year contract worth $25 mil for the first year with an option for Manny to opt out of the deal in the second year or take $2o million to stay.  Boras, the agent behind A-Rod’s mega millions, has topped himself this time; he not only rejected a deal for the second highest salary in the game for a spoiled, petulant, uber-talented 37 year old star with questionable defense, he set Manny up to sit without a team for a minute. Frankly, not too many teams can or would be willing to make such an offer, and as such, Manny needs to wake up to the cold harsh realities of the fiscal state of sports in this recession.  At least from where I come from, $25 mil is $25 mil…..there is no earthly reason to not take that money, play through this year and see what you can get next year, giving the market time to correct itself.  Hey, as it was said over and over while he was a friggin’ Red Sock……it’s just Manny being Manny…..and it’s just Scott Boras being Scott Boras, the Gordon Gekko of sports agents, except with longer fangs and sharper teeth….Jerry Maguire with a thirst for blood rivaling Dracula.  Baseball, and for that matter, sports in general should all be scared.  Wake up, Manny!!!!


~ by darrylthewriter on February 27, 2009.

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