Michael Steele, Big Rush & the Rudderless GOP


They make a hell of a couple....

They make a hell of a couple....

Remember when the GOP had the entire free world by the balls?  When Newt was Speaker of the House, and names like Dole, Delay, Cheney, Lott, Helms, and Rumsfeld represented the state of the art in terms of governmental icons?  When the party of Reagan, Goldwater, and Lincoln was in control and lectured to all of us daily about our lack of fundamental family values and wasteful, decadent ways when all the while they were deregulating all of industry in this country and greasing the skids for the economic quagmire we find ourselves in now?  Well, in the time since then, the world has fallen victim to the stranglehold of terrorism, before and after 9/11 and a Republican administration has come and gone, leaving catastrophic destruction in its wake and spurring the American electorate into a position to decide upon change.  So, as the GOP effort retreats into defeat, their obvious lack of leadership laid bare for all to see, the most opportunistic of all of the Republican outsiders slinks into position and makes his state of the Reich speech, nestled in the kind of divisive rhetoric that has made the Elephants famous.  Meahwhile, the chairman of the GOP, Michael Steele, stands powerless to affect change amid the storm of hostility that is Rush and all that come with him.  Steele’s albatross effectively neuters his ability to make serious efforts towards a Republican party that is inclusive and open.  He will be powerless, ’cause Rush speaks, and all of his devotees listen, and their disruptive presence in the party stands as an effective barracade towards any efforts that steers the message away from what they wish it to be.  It is sad and troubling and in no way encouraging to anyone outside of the GOP’s traditional target supporters, the bulk of whom made Obama’s election even possible.  While the battle for the soul and direction of the Republican Party rages on, those of us on the outside are privy to a reality show unlike any other.  Sit back and watch, it’s gonna get better.


~ by darrylthewriter on March 2, 2009.

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