Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

The Tears Of A Clown, after Jerah put him down.....

The Tears Of A Clown, after Jerah put him down.....

You know…..I was gonna let it go, I was gonna just avoid the topic, not even address it, leave it to the pundits and prognosticators to pour over every sordid detail with the scrutiny of Hoover’s FBI…..but then I realized that I, given all the angst and personal turmoil caused to me by this man over the past five years, should not let it go without a mention, so here it goes… all Cowboys fans across the planet, I told y’all so…..he did it to the Eagles, there was no reason to think that it would not happen again.  He is the personification of the modern spoiled athlete, self-centered to the point of excluding everyone else, all for the glory of feelings associated with the stroking of a massive ego. When the spotlight dimmed on him, he was compelled to force its return, conjuring up fabricated problem after problem, regardless of the effects on his fellow teammates.  Simply put, the Cowboys’ hand was forced; either endure another season of high school level, unity-sapping drama or allow the team a chance at a fresh start by creating an environment more conducive to a football team…….and winning.  The era of this type of prima donna is rapidly fading, mainly as a result of our horrible financial encumbrance;  but also, not in small part due to people finally tiring of rewarding what is least desirable.  Too often, team owners find themselves in positions where they are almost forced to shell out money for the players whose actions and antics erode the fabric of their teams in order to at least appear to want to remain competitive.  The saddest part in all of this is that there is a skill set and an athleticism that would be useful to any team in the league, but will go wasted.  I don’t know if he deserves to play again, and I don’t care right now…..I just want to give out a few “told ya so’s” while the getting’s still good.


P.S. I should receive some type of props for having two posts in a row with the word Sorrow in the title……a wordsmith’s job is never done……


~ by darrylthewriter on March 5, 2009.

One Response to “Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow”

  1. Where do I begin.


    Entertainer of the year.

    Friend of the Eagles, then enemy, then ultimately Friend.

    If ever there was an athlete that should “shut up and Play”, here he is. Ultimately, his mouth is his demise.

    I’ll always respect his superbowl performance on behalf of the Eagles. Too bad his legacy will always be overshadowed by his antics.

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