An Appreciation: The Sopranos


Tony and the crew......boy, do I miss youse guys....

Tony and the crew......boy, do I miss youse guys....

I woke up this morning absolutely exhausted with college basketball…’s that time of year, of course, and everywhere that I’ve turned in the last couple of days, there has either been a conference tournament game or a bunch of pundits sitting around trying to sound like they know what they are talking about.  For a quick escape before today’s games start, I watched a couple of episodes from the Sopranos’ first season and I came away from it missing the days when this show ruled television.  Tony and his crew introduced the world of organized crime to the mainstream in a way that went a step beyond what came first in The Godfather and Goodfellas.  Every week, this bunch came into America’s living rooms and showed a side of the “Mafia” that humanized them and made a part of our conscience, warts and all.  We were treated to a short film each week that showcased a group of veteran actors at home within their medium, skillfully bringing to life an array of characters that might have turned into one dimensional caricatures in less skilled hands.  In the time since this show ended its run, HBO has struggled to fill the void, and the show’s impact has made itself even more obvious.  Yes, I am still supremely pissed off at the almost cowardly way the final episode faded to black without any real resolution to the story, and yes, David Chase’s response to the outcry struck me as a bit selfish in the light of the success he had with the show.  But, make no mistake, we were lucky to have this show while we did have it and we’ve been looking for something to replace it ever since……unsuccessfully.


~ by darrylthewriter on March 15, 2009.

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