Let The Games Begin


The Best Sporting Event We've Got

The Best Sporting Event We've Got

A couple of posts back, I was bitching out loud about the NCAA’s Championship Week leading into the tournament and how it was robbing me of strength to even consider it…..and I meant it….but now?  The Tournament of all tournaments has begun and the Madness has taken hold.  What sports fan among us can resist the drama and roller coaster ride of this first weekend? Top seeds, mid-majors, freshman, seniors, Dick Vitale…….what’s not to like?  The Men’s Basketball Championship tournament (that just sounds so wrong) brings the whole season full circle and makes it possible for any of the teams that make it (not really, but let me finish!!!) to make a run for history.  This year’s field is tough, and compatible with one another’s skill set; parody has made it to the college game.  Even the President decided to fill out a bracket…..even though he’s probably regretting that right about……now.  It has become a part of our anatomy, to be hunched over a sheet of paper, filling out brackets…..what a country.  A prediction?  Hmmm…….I’m going with Carolina, like the President…..Ty Lawson is the little engine that could, breaking down defenses with the skills of someone much older and further along in their careers.   But, watch out for Villanova and Pitt……and enjoy March Madness.


~ by darrylthewriter on March 19, 2009.

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