The Tonight Show Starring Barack Obama


At best, this is pretty

At best, this is pretty

When I first heard that President Obama was going to appear on tonight’s episode of the Tonight Show, I kind of cringed.  This is not going to work out as well as we’d all like it to.  For one, this is a no win situation…..if he’s funny, it will be said that he’s making a mockery of our current financial dire straits.  If he’s somber, they’ll complain that he needs to loosen up.  If he makes an error in judgement and says something controversial, the attack dogs will appear almost instantly, tearing him to shreads.  He’s already been called out for not wearing a jacket in the Oval Office, for going to a Wizards home game and having a beer, for saying that he wanted to tear out the stupid bowling alley in the White House and put a basketball court in its place……not to mention the shitstorm he’s currently wading through over the bonuses AIG decided to give out.  He has chosen a really volatile moment to go and chat with Jay……I just hope it’s not the beginning of something worse that we cannot see yet.


~ by darrylthewriter on March 19, 2009.

2 Responses to “The Tonight Show Starring Barack Obama”

  1. You mean it can get worse?? Great… now my weekend’s really ruined.

  2. Obama makes some good points about people’s overblown sense of entitlement

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