Kobe & Wife Are Rough On The Help


Our hero, seen here with a friend, practicing how he talks to his maid

Our hero, seen here with a friend, practicing how he talks to his maid

You know, ever since I decided to start this blog, I have been patiently waiting for the chance to blog about that favorite son of Lower Marion Township, Pa., the Black Mamba, The Michael Jordan annex, Mr. Kobe Bean Bryant.  As many who know me will tell you, I have not always been supportive of the homey, due to him saying that he wanted to cut the Sixers hearts’ out during the 2001 NBA Finals…..I was crushed to hear such a statement, especially since he claimed Philly as his hometown….anyway, much has happened since then; Shaq left, the squad went through some growing pains, Eagle, Colorado, the $4 million dollar apology ring to his wife…..the list goes on.  Now, a former housekeeper of the Bryants has filed a lawsuit against them, accusing the couple of, among other things, harrassment and humiliation, even going as far as accusing them of denying her health benefits and generally making her life a living hell.  One of the stories to come out of the accusation claimed that Kobe’s wife Vanessa forced the housekeeper to retrieve the tags from a blouse……out of a bag of dogshit.   Wow…..I don’t know how true any of the stuff this person is saying is, but damn…..this guy cannot catch a break.  Even as he matured and became a more rounded ball player and human being, the selfish label continually dogged him and followed him around.  He has been a model NBA citizen…..and now this.  The housekeeper is going to probably do the rounds, pleading her case to an eager public and once again putting Kobe up for inspection and, potentially, ridicule.  I hope it ends well for him, honestly……but damned if I can’t shake the feeling that you reap what you sow.


~ by darrylthewriter on March 25, 2009.

One Response to “Kobe & Wife Are Rough On The Help”

  1. Yeah, I’ve heard the people defending Kobe, saying that the maid is just some money-hungry chick who’s out to cash in….But isn’t that the standard PR response to such a situation? If any of this stuff comes out to be true, then it shouldn’t be a surprise…Lower Merion’s finest, eh? LOL

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