An Open Letter To Oscar De La Renta……


Me and you, and you

Me and you, and you

 Oscar, darling:

     Greeting from Las Vegas, money…..let’s get down to business….today, some nasty remarks about our first lady were attributed to you concerning her choice of clothing for her and the President’s meeting with the Queen of England yesterday.  On the surface, to some, this might seem like a harmless, throwaway comment, something for the press to snack on while searching for much larger, more significant things to report on; say, oh, I don’t know…..the economy.  But, I am not one of those persons who takes what is said about our First Lady lightly, especially when it is unwarranted, unsolicited fluff from an aging, barely relevant fashion has been.  Your comment, something to the effect of, “you don’t wear a sweater to meet the queen” struck a nerve with me…..more dribble from someone that is dying to acknowledged, or, at the very least, paid attention to.  As far as I and the thousands of Londoners who turned out for a glimpse of the American President and his bride are concerned, Mrs. Obama looked just fine.  As a matter of fact, the term “fashion icon” has been tossed about by some of your fellow fashionistas, praising Mrs. Obama for her sense of style and her willingness to bring light to American designers who might not have been noticed otherwise.  Indeed, not everyone need wear some of your clothing to be considered decently dressed; I’ve seen lap dogs wearing nicer stuff.  Your mean-spirited comments toward our First Lady will not be tolerated, at least not by me.  Mr. Blackwell used to do it much better and in a way that, at least, could be laughed at and not taken seriously.  Michelle Obama can wear what she wants, when she wants, and there isn’t a damned thing you or your couture army can do about it; stay in your place, fella.  The Queen herself wasn’t bothered by the First Lady’s choice of attire; hell, she couldn’t wait to put her arm around Mrs. Obama, clearly enthralled and quite taken by the effortless grace and charm on display.  The Queen forgot all about the protocol that was supposed to be in place and reached out to touch the very sweater that you felt the need to call attention to, so it seems only you have a problem with what she wore… come you didn’t comment on the pink frock and hat-like hairstyle the Queen was sporting?  Or is it that you felt the need to speak about something that wasn’t there and to contribute to the fake clamor that rises in this country about all things Obama?  Whatever your issue, find a way to keep it to yourself next time; and get a clue about what is and isn’t appropriate, ‘kay homey?  Aight, I think you get the point…..and put some work into your clothing line, that shit sucks……Peace!!!



~ by darrylthewriter on April 3, 2009.

One Response to “An Open Letter To Oscar De La Renta……”

  1. He wears drawz with d!*k holes in them….

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