Afro-Thuggin’ on the High Seas


These brothers are not playing.....arghhhhhh

These brothers are not playing.....arghhhhhh

The recent rash of attacks by Somali pirates have made one thing most assuredly clear…..a brother like me is not going on a cruise or any boat related activity any time soon.  These brothers are not playing around, as evidenced by their brazen attacks on vessels out on the high seas with the most rudimentary of tools: guns, ladders, and balls the size of  an ocean liner.  They have made it clear that they will not settle for anything less than what their demands will allow for, stopping at nothing to obtain the riches and “treasure” which has made them the objects of adoration and affection in their native land.  In the process, they have also turned themselves into the most feared force this side of Iraq and Afghanistan.  They are still holding the captain of an American flagged ship that was attacked three days ago and with the captain’s failed escape attempt early yesterday, the pirates involved continue to hold the world at bey as they await their ransom demands being met.  Let’s hope the captain makes it home safely.

P.S.  Three Navy Seals, sensing that the captain was in imminent danger, took out the three remaining Somali pirates with three shots early Sunday morning, effectively ending the hostage crisis and drawing a line on what will and will not be tolerated on the high seas…..but, the pirates have vowed revenge……stay tuned, something tells me that this is not over


~ by darrylthewriter on April 10, 2009.

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