I’m Rolling with Miss California


Today, I honestly understand dude's eye jammy....

Today, I honestly understand dude's eye jammy....

Some folks are loud and obnoxious for the sake of hearing themselves and the promotion of their own agenda…..case in point, the pink haired dude pictured above, the self proclaimed Queen of All Media, one Perez Hilton, the blogger extraordinaire who happened upon a chance to be a celebrity judge during Sunday’s Miss USA pageant.  Hilton’s post-pageant video rant, during which he called Miss California, Carrie Prejean, a bitch for her answer to his question concerning the same sex marriage laws in Vermont, has caused quite a stir.  Prejean’s response did not mesh with the openly gay blogger’s point of view and in the process of his rant, his outrage and fury were on full display.  Now, I must qualify my response to all of this by stating my opinon on the law in question……I have no problem with it whatsoever.  I am of the Dennis Miller school of philosophy on the matter; ultimately, all I owe my fellow human beings is my utter indifference, provided that what they do does not interfere or have any baring on what I do….to each, his own; someone else’s sexual preference is none of my business.  If gay couples want to be married, then I applaud their efforts. Miss Prejean’s opinon is that the definition of marriage is a union between a man and a woman, in sync with her upbringing.  That, too, is fine, provided that she and those that think like her don’t seek to impose their beliefs on me or anyone else. When Hilton asked her the question, he emphasized that her answer was to be in her opinion…..and that’s exactly what he got from her, an opinion, period.  Nowhere in her response was language that would suggest her imposing her beliefs on anyone else; clearly, this was all her and she eloquently stated what she felt.  She even went as far as apologizing to those that might be offended by her answer, which, for me, was hardly necessary.  Hilton’s attack on her after the show was all vitriol and vinegar, completely dismissing her right to have an point of view that differed from his and diminishing her as a person….and he is wrong.  She didn’t have to bow to him and create a response to appease the judge in front of her, and she didn’t, plain and simple. Her answer did go a long way towards determining her fate in the contest; indeed, she did finish as a runner up and it’s clear that Hilton used his position as a judge to tip the decision away from her.  That is sad, because in no way should that one answer been the deciding factor.  We, as consumers of the pop culture juggernaut in this country, should demand better from those who are entrusted with media voices…..as much as Hilton has the right to feel the way he does, that should not trump Miss California’s feelings, which are just as valid and count just as much.  I’m rolling with Miss California on this one, and I think as time passes and we are able to step back and evaluate the situation, more and more of you out there will feel the same.  It’s cool to gossip for a living, but it’s not cool to slander that which is different just because it’s different….that sounds a lot like the people that stomp on the rights of gays in the first place.


~ by darrylthewriter on April 22, 2009.

One Response to “I’m Rolling with Miss California”

  1. Asking a question about same sex marriage at a Miss America pageant is out of place and bad form, just like Perez Hilton would do

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