How Awesome are the NBA Playoffs right now?


I'm almost ready to give him and his squad the rings.......I said Almost!!!!!

I'm almost ready to give him and his squad the rings.......I said Almost!!!!!

This goes out to all of my diehard NBA fans, who have been treated to a great season and now are watching the opening round of this year’s playoffs……is this great or what?  The games, up to this point, have mostly been entertaining and the elite teams are starting to emerge from the rest of the pack, namely LA and Cleveland, whose superstar, Lebron James, has shown the Detroit Pistons just what the power in his game is all about.  This guy amazes me almost everytime I watch him play…..the speed, the athleticism, the skill set….human beings are simply not supposed to be as big as he is and as fast as he is.  Detroit is showing a trait that most of the teams that will face this guy will have; they don’t have any answers to that riddle.  Kobe Bryant, D-Wade, Dwight Howard (another freak of nature), they all have a claim on the MVP award this year, but I’m thinking that King James has climbed a bit further up that mountain……this seems to be his year.  The question is:  is this the year for the Cavs to claim the trophy at the end?  As much as I’d like to give them the rings, the reality is that these playoffs are only beginning and the best is yet to come from all of the playoff teams, Cavs included.  Plus, Rudy Tomjanovich made a point of letting all of us know that you should never underestimate the heart of a champion; as long as the Celtics are around, they are dangerous ( you heard it here first, should the C’s make the Eastern finals, Kevin Garnett plays…..mark it down).  For that matter, so are the Lakers, who are a little bit better than they were a year ago when they lost to the Celtics.  What all of this adds up to is an exciting finish in the race that is the NBA season…..I don’t know about y’all, but I’m trying to watch as much as I can.


~ by darrylthewriter on April 24, 2009.

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