Arlen! Arlen! Arlen!


The Distinguished Gentleman from Pennsylvania.....elephant no more

The Distinguished Gentleman from Pennsylvania.....elephant no more

 The best thing about Arlen Specter changing parties from Republican to Democrat?  Oh, I don’t know…..maybe it’s the way that he just up and announced and rolled out….jilted lover style.  Maybe it’s because the Republicans came out and tried to trash him and sounded like a bunch of whinny young pre-schoolers, pointing fingers and stomping their feet (special shout out to Chairman Steele, whose comments were especially ridiculous and chidish and a clear example of why the GOP is in the their current dilemma).  Maybe it’s because the Democrats are almost in complete charge of the Senate, provided that they can find a way to end the stalemate in the Minnesota Senate race and get my main man Stuart Smiley into his seat.  Maybe it’s the way the President embraced the whole move and welcomed Specter into the fold with a pat on the back and a broad smile.  It could be all of these things and more; or maybe it’s just the first of many indications that the party of Lincoln is truly in flux, a rudderless ship on course for a decisive end.  Regardless, the homie Specter shocked the world Ali-style today……let’s see what happens next.


~ by darrylthewriter on April 28, 2009.

2 Responses to “Arlen! Arlen! Arlen!”

  1. Word…I can feel Rush and Coulture strapping him up in a noose, as I type….LOL

  2. Good Article Rowdee!

    Mr Spector was a Democrate before.
    and talking with the republican guru Larry Watson aka Dad, Mr Spector has always been active helping the black community here in Philly. He’s been described as fair no nonsense!

    I’ve always voted for him and will continue to vote for Him!

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