A Review- X Men Origins: Wolverine


Logan, cutting through the nonsense

Logan, cutting through the nonsense

Okay…..is there any other actor besides Hugh Jackman that could play this role?  Really?  Jack Nickelson, maybe, from 35-40 years ago….but even ole Jack would never have put his body in the kind of shape that HJ has for this one…..Jackman is yoked out like some kind of….mutant!!!!  This flick was pretty good from start to finish, giving the audience a glimpse into how our favorite adamantium-clawed hero came to be, some 150+ years ago.  Shout out to Liev Schrieber, who adds much menace to the role of Logan’s brother, Victor, who mutates into the ferocious, cat-like Sabertooth, complete with his own set of razor sharp claws and the agility and climbing skills to match.  There is just enough plot twist to hold the audience’s interest, and enough chances to put those famous claws to use, including a crazy scene involving Logan using a motorcycle to get the best of a helicopter in hot pursuit. This is a great start should the X-Men franchise decide to go in the direction of giving birth to the legends of each of their unique characters….I’ll give it three out of five stars and I look forward to what happens next.


~ by darrylthewriter on May 5, 2009.

One Response to “A Review- X Men Origins: Wolverine”

  1. Yo I saw it at bootleggy house a last month… Yeah yeah I know… but I will be taking my son to see it at the IMAX theatre.

    It was good movie! Hugh Jackman was works as the Wolverine. Check this, I have a comic book that JNitty Of fighting hell comic gave me and it states that Wolverine aka James Howlett aka logan is 5.3 and 300 pounds!

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