The 50 Game Disappearing Act


Manny, being Manny......with a lot of time to do it

Manny, being Manny......with a lot of time to do it

My first reaction?  Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…….that was funny.  I couldn’t help myself, simply because this guy is something else….the drama he caused in Boston, the boost he provided for the Dodgers in last year’s playoffs (’til they ran into that juggernaut from Philly…….World fuckin’ Champs, baby!!!!), the whole saga of him signing a contract last winter, and now, this….a 50 game suspension for a positive performance enhancing drug test.  He is an enigma, wrapped up in dreds and, apparently, testosterone…..and he might have thrown a monkey wrench into the Dodgers fast start.  What a country!!!!  Uncle Joe Torre must be having a drink right about now, and commiserating with his peoples…..the best thing about it is, now, we’ll get to see what this Dodger team is really made of, given their obvious youth and talent…..and perhaps Manny will go out in public and get drunk and start a melee with some even more drunken Giants fans…..or, maybe he’ll lay low, and reflect on what it was that he needed to take steroids for…..this is the best right handed bat of our generation and now, all that comes into question….I’m laughing on the outside, but truthfully, I’m troubled by it all, too.


~ by darrylthewriter on May 7, 2009.

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