And Then There Were Four…..


Cleveland, Orlando, Denver, and L.A........who wants the rings?

Cleveland, Orlando, Denver, and L.A........who wants the rings?

Tonight, the NBA’s conference finals begin……and your boy over here cannot wait!!!!  The Lakers and the Nuggets square off first, with the Cavs and the Magic starting their series tomorrow.  In the West, many questions remain for the Lakers, including whether this bunch, with it’s size and depth and the great Kobe Bryant, can find the hunger and the stamina to fend off the Nuggets, who come into this series as hot as any other team remaining.  Chauncey Billups leads the Denver attack; the mid-season deal that brought him to the Nuggets and ridded the team of Allen Iverson is looking like a stroke of genius right about now, as Billups has this outfit running and purring like a fine machine.  This one should be a summer classic and I’m thinking that it will go at least 6 games……somehow, the Lake show will find a way and pull it out.  The Eastern conference clash between the Cavs and the Magic should be almost as entertaining, with Lebron James taking center stage and giving the Magic the so far impossible task of trying to stop him.  The MVP leads a crafty cast of players that play their parts in the Cavs’ scheme to perfection.  They are well rested and undefeated in the playoffs to this point.  The Magic are missing their floor leader, Jameer Nelson, who was injured late in the team’s stretch run during the regular season.  The rest of the team forged ahead without him and are poised to continue on their playoff journey, fortified by the ginormous presence of Dwight Howard, the massively talented and sized center.  For me, the key to this series is the play of Rashard Lewis, the Magic’s 6′ 10 small forward.  If Lewis can find his stroke and effectively help out trying defend James, then the Magic have a puncher’s chance; however, there is no reason to assume that James can be stopped and he will have his teammates fired up and ready to play…….I’m going with the Cavs in 5 games.  The beauty of this whole thing is:  I have no earthly idea about what’s going to happen, I just can’t wait to watch.  This should be a true clash of titans……epic in every sense.  Let’s hope that I’m right.


It's starting to look inevitable, folks......I'm just saying....

It's starting to look inevitable, folks......I'm just saying....


~ by darrylthewriter on May 19, 2009.

One Response to “And Then There Were Four…..”

  1. It’s Lebron’s to lose this year( kinda bold, right? F-it!!! I got a hunch), as I believe that they will beat Orlando in five or six…Kobe and Co. look good, but real shaky against a Houston team without any of it’s horses. they can’t play the same type of series against denver…They look VERY poised to knock LA off…Make no mistake, though. The anticipation of these two series and its’ outcomes should make these next several days’ games priceless….

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