Ummmm……the Black guys did it….


This one is a head scratcher.....I really don't get it.....

This one is a head scratcher.....I really don't get it.....

Okay, let’s figure this one out together……a woman from Bucks County, Pa calls the Philadelphia police on Tuesday to say that she and her 9 year old daughter were kidnapped and put inside of the trunk of a car by two black men, sparking a massive manhunt.  The woman and her daughter were later videotaped boarding a plane at Philadelphia International Airport bound for Florida and were eventually detained at a Disney hotel, where the mother was arrested for kidnapping her child……all of these facts we know and I get the bulk of the story…..but here’s where I’m confused:  why is it that when white folks want to do dirt, they find some black folks to hang the blame on and the law runs to prove them right?  This is the third time that I can recall that a black person or persons were made to be the perpetrators of some random crime and it was believed, without question, up until the real criminal’s story unravels.  Black men, in particular, are always the fall guys in this type of story and when the truth comes out, no one ever apologizes or comes out to say jack about the people that are adversely effected by the accusations.  So, in the meantime, Black men everywhere are under suspicion and even after it is determined that such suspicion is unwarranted, not one bit of empathy (there’s that word again) is extended.  We’re just supposed to take it and move on, without any assurance that it won’t happen again……no matter how many times I write about it or say it out loud, it makes no sense to me…..none.


~ by darrylthewriter on May 28, 2009.

One Response to “Ummmm……the Black guys did it….”

  1. Hi!
    I just wanted to that I enjoyed reading your post. Right on!

    Ironically, I wrote about Bonnie today; however with a different take.

    I thought I’d share it with you. Hope you like it.


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