Date Night with the Obamas……mind your business


(Darryl singing) "Love.......soft as an easy chair....." and ain't a damned thing wrong with it

(Darryl singing) "Love.......soft as an easy chair....." and ain't a damned thing wrong with it

Warning…..this post is going to get a little ugly and I might curse a bit to get my point across…..parental and immature people’s discretion is advised…..Okay, now that I got the disclaimer out of the way…..are you fucking serious, people?  The President decides to take the First Lady to a Broadway show on a Saturday night to fulfill a promise that he made to her during the Presidential campaign.  They take the trip to NY on a small plane (not the monster Air Force One plane the President normally uses), grab some dinner together, take in the show, and head back D.C.  Innocent enough, right?  So why in hell would the RNC decide to make an issue of it, citing the economy and the fact that General Motors is perilously close to bankruptcy as reasons that the whole trip should not have happened?  Oh….okay, I get it…..instead of acknowledging the scaling down of his normal travel vehicle; instead of acknowledging the fact that this is a young, vibrant, active, loving couple that enjoys each other’s company and have a need, like most other couples, to spend time with one another;  instead of taking a deep breath and removing the perch that they have made for themselves up the man’s ass, these Republican dimwits, who cannot get their own shit  together, feel the need to cast stones at the man and his wife.  General Motors, the housing market, the banking system, Wall Street……all of these financial burdens were problems that Obama inherited.  Not one of these institutions’ fortunes would have been reversed had the Obamas not taken that trip.  If this was Ronald and Nancy Reagan, not a fucking word would be said (nor should it be), but because of who he is, the elephants feel the need to chirp.  I’m sick of the pettiness and the fake outrage that always seems to come from the Republican side of the aisle.  They seemingly have no interest in making things better;  they just want to try and make themselves feel better by crapping on the President, after all of the ass whippings that they’ve taken recently.  Instead of wasting time hating on the President, how about y’all get a clue and figure out the direction of your party?  Here’s a suggestion to help get you started:  stop listening to Rush and start creating a party that is more inclusive of people that don’t look like you do……and leave the First couple the hell alone……and to the President and First Lady, I apologize for my language, but sometimes enough is enough.  How you manage to maintain dignity and calm amidst the horseshit you go through, I will never know.   Mike Steele, you are way, way better than you are showing yourself to be……get a handle on your squad.


~ by darrylthewriter on May 31, 2009.

One Response to “Date Night with the Obamas……mind your business”

  1. Damn all I can do is agree!
    You covered the situation quiet welll.

    I would have thrown a few more FBombs.
    …Fuk Rush!
    …Fuk news for allowing the BS!
    …Fuk Steele for punking out!
    …Fuk em Fuk Em Fuk em!!
    …Fuk anyone that feels you are wrong!

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