He Can’t Do It All??? Really? Wow……..


He's human after all......and still the most unique basketball talent ever

He's human after all......and still the most unique basketball talent ever

I cannot lie….I was rooting for him as hard as humanly possible, because I thought he deserved the accolades that come with stepping up your game to the level that he has…..he has literally transformed himself into the best player on the planet, and in the process, he became the most uniquely physically gifted basketball player ever.  But one thing that is irrefutable after this year’s NBA Eastern Conference Finals; one man, no matter how good, how strong, how fast, how dominant, cannot beat a team by himself; it simply cannot be done.  As easily as the Cleveland  Cavaliers cruised through the regular season and the first two rounds of the playoffs, the fact remained that when they played against the Orlando Magic, whose size and shooting prowess were no match for the Cavs, they were faced with something that they hadn’t come across up to that point; a team just as hungry as they were who was not intimidated.  The Magic should be commended for their win, they truly came to play and they beat the Cavs soundly.  The King and his subjects were taken to task and they could not summon what was necessary to match what the Magic put out.  Lebron is probably beside himself right now, faced with one more long off season to contemplate what could have been.  But the fact is, he did all that he could, I don’t know that I’ve ever seen an NBA player do more to try and get his team over the hump, but without some help from the surrounding cast, it was all for naught.  If the Cleveland brain trust cannot attract some immediate free agent help to remedy the team’s deficiencies, then they will suffer the same fate that they did this year and I’m betting that New York will be an attractive option once James’ contract expires and he is set loose on the open market.  But that’s in the future; all the Cavs and the King can do now is watch the Lakers and the Magic do battle in the NBA Finals and wonder what it would be like to be there……they’re home watching, just like the rest of us…..damn.

P.S.  I’m hearing some backlash about Lebron not shaking hands with the Magic and not addressing the media after his team’s crushing defeat yesterday……as far as shaking hands with the other squad goes, I would agree with that because ultimately, sportsmanship is something that athletics cannot be without, from Pee-Wee leagues to the pros….but to ride him for not talking to the press?  Come on….all that needed to be said happened on that floor in Orlando yesterday.  If the man didn’t want to say anything, who am I or anyone else for that matter to criticize him?  After hearing about how good a player you are and how anticipated your match-up with Kobe Bryant in the finals is and then not being able to follow through on it, I would think he’s a bit frustrated and hurt right now.  In time, he’ll speak…..in the meantime?  Let it go.


~ by darrylthewriter on May 31, 2009.

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