It’s My Birthday and I’ll Blog, ’cause I want to……


The end of the third 13......guess I'm a grown up now, huh?

The end of the third 13......guess I'm a grown up now, huh?

Your boy made it…….today, I reached the ripe old age of 39 and in honor of the occasion, I’d like to have fun with the number, since it’s the final year of thirtysomething-ness for me: let’s send it out with a bang, shall we? How many people signed the U.S. Constitution? Thirty-nine, of course. Thirty-nine was also the jersey numbers of Roy Campanella with the Dodgers and Darryl Strawberry when he was with the Yankees, as well as the number of the great Larry Czonka, Miami Dolphins’ beast in the backfield.  We lost both Dr. King and Malcolm X at 39; Neil Armstrong became the first to walk on the moon at age 39.  In ancient Rome, thirty-nine was the number of times its citizens hit their slaves when beating them, it was referred to as “Forty, save one”.  It is the sum of the numbers 4 through 9 (add it up, I’ll wait), the number of books in the Old Testament, the number of scud missiles fired at Israel by Iraq during the Gulf War in 1991. Jimmy Connors was 39 when he reached the semifinals of the U.S. Open, also in 1991.  It is the number of nanoseconds that the nuclear reaction lasted in the largest nuclear explosion ever detonated, the Tsar bomb in Russia, 1961.  It is a beautiful, scary, cool looking and sounding number to have associated with my age……I am so happy and lucky to be here and truly thankful to have made it on one more ride around the sun on this spinning ball we call Earth.  Thanks to everyone for the warm wishes and greetings, and let’s enjoy the scenery while I speed towards 40.  Thanks for taking part of the ride with me.


~ by darrylthewriter on June 2, 2009.

2 Responses to “It’s My Birthday and I’ll Blog, ’cause I want to……”

  1. Happy Birthday Old Man!

    Why you gotta have a lollipop with hair in it. LOL

    Your friend

    look close it’s in there

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