The Return of The Lightning, Pt. II


Striking, isn't it?

Striking, isn't it?

As promised, some other crap happened and damned if I don’t have an opinion on it that I’d like to share…….here we go:


Somewhere, on another plane, there is a hell of a talk show going on right now......R.I.P. Ed McMahon

Somewhere, on another plane, there is a hell of a talk show going on right now......R.I.P. Ed McMahon

Today, the great Ed McMahon passed away at the age of 86 from complications due to a myriad of health problems, including bone cancer and pneumonia.  Mr. McMahon was the Pippen to Johnny Carson’s Jordan when it came to late night talk shows, giving the Tonight Show that extra special presence that helped make it one of the ultimate television experiences of all time.  His trademark “Here’s Johnny” resonated wherever it was heard, and his distinct voice and laugh echo still.  He was a master pitchman for Budweiser and Alpo dog food and anything else thrown his way, and he later enjoyed success as the host of Star Search, a talent show that helped several aspiring comics and singers become legitimate stars.  I’ll never forget how cool it was to stay up late and watch the Tonight Show and Mr. McMahon was a big part of that.  What a loss.


Why, people?  Why must I care about these individuals?

Why, people? Why must I care about these individuals?

Jon and Kate Gosselin, stars of the TLC reality show Jon and Kate plus 8, have begun divorce proceedings……ummm, could someone tell me why I should give a hoot?  I knew a family in West Philly that had 10 kids and the parents hated each other with a passion that is rarely seen outside of military exercises…….and they stayed together, regardless of their misery!   They would fight one another like Ali-Frazier and at least half of those kids wound up in jail or strung out…, that’s a reality show for your ass;  Jon & Kate?  Not so much……


W needs to lend his buddy a map or a GPS or something.....

W needs to lend his buddy a map or a GPS or something.....

South Carolina governor Mark Sanford has been “hiking” on an Appalachian trail for the past few days, going missing without anyone knowing his exact whereabouts, including his constituents.  The governor’s spokesman came out today and said that the governor finally called his chief of staff and was surprised to learn of the uproar that his disappearance caused, stating that he went on this hike to “clear his head”.  Honestly, I can’t say that I don’t relate to the need to get away and do some solid thinking from time to time.  The difference is that I am not an elected official, responsible for running a whole state.  One more feather in the ole GOP cap, huh?

Update:   Sanford has admitted that he did not go hiking in the Appalachians after all.  The Governor admitted to flying to Argentina to get his swerve on with his mistress, only known as “Maria”, at this point……he told a few lies to cover his tracks, stopped answering his phone, and hightailed it to South America to hook up with his jump-off….between this guy and the Republican senator from Nevada that just got caught with his pants down, what the hell is up with these GOP cats?  Apparently, being conservative creates rise in the libido or something…..even at the height of my creativity, I could not make this shit up…..too damned funny.


Not bad, fellas......not great, but not bad

Not bad, fellas......not great, but not bad

The summer movie season keeps on rolling along; this past weekend, I went and checked out Year One, the latest Jack Black vehicle that also stars Michael Cera and while I was not expecting much, I came away pleasantly surprised.  The story is set in biblical times and Black and Cera play two members of a biblical era tribe who are banished and set out on their own.  There are many wild biblical references and plenty of opportunities for Black to show off his comedic skill set in his usual madcap manner and he takes full advantage.  Cera’s understated delivery and incredible ability to deadpan are also used to the hilt, and the duo’s chemistry as a comedic team keeps the sometimes plodding flick going.  While it’s not in the same league as The Hangover, this flick managed to draw some chuckles out of me and I have to give them credit for that.  

Alright homies and homettes…..see y’all in a few.


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