In case you thought racism was over…….


Are you a minority, in search of somewhere to swim? Here's where not to go.....

Are you a minority, in search of somewhere to swim? Here's where not to go.....

Ahhh…..leave it to the Philly area to remind us all that despite the historic accomplishment of electing Barack Obama to the Presidency, racism, that old friend that never seems to leave, is as alive and well as it has ever been.  A swim club in Huntingdon Valley, PA has been accused of discrimination against a day camp of minority children after some of the club’s members outwardly and openly questioned why the “black” children were there before leaving the pool themselves during a June 29th outing at the club.  Creative Steps, a Northeast Philadelphia organization, had contracted for its 65 day campers to swim at the Valley Club on Monday afternoons, but was abruptly refunded their money and told that the club did not have the capacity to handle outside groups.  The club’s president, John Duesler, has since backtracked from his original assertion that the membership was concerned about the “complexion” of the club being altered.  Duesler now contends that the club’s issue with the children is a matter of safety, not race.  The story has aroused the suspicions of the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission, who has announced that they are going to begin an investigation into the allegations, after receiving requests from the NAACP and other groups.  My, my, my…..look at what we have here, in 2009, no less.  This type of thing has been going on for years; the old “blacks in the pool” bit is a standard racist refrain and it’s sad to see a group of kids caught up in the middle of such an ugly, sad situation.  A parent of one of the campers was quoted as saying that her daughter called herself a minority after all was said and done, making me instantly pissed off at the fact that one more kid will now carry around some asshole adult’s hangups and be influenced by them.  Why can’t we get passed what each other’s skin looks like?  I don’t expect an answer; no one has come up with one yet, at least one that makes sense to me…….and why pass this on to the kids?  Come on Philly……y’all can do better than that…..can’t you?


~ by darrylthewriter on July 10, 2009.

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