Joe Jackson is Outta His Damned Mind


This is what happens when you are allowed to walk around and you are crazy as bat giggle to yourself

This is what happens when you are allowed to walk around and you are crazy as bat giggle to yourself

Well, that didn’t take long…….Joseph Jackson, the patriarch of the Jackson clan and the motivating force (emphasis on force, as in ass whipping force) behind the Jackson’s entertainment empire, is up to his old tricks again.  As if crushing Michael’s ego and psyche wasn’t enough, now Papa Joe wants custody of Michael’s kids in an effort to rekindle that old Jackson magic.  Yes, you read that right, Joe wants to put the kids on stage in a tour beginning next year, billing them as “the Jackson 3”.  He has already offered two of the three kids recording contracts and he was quoted as saying that “Paris…… wants to do something” and that Blanket, the youngest of the kids, “can really dance”…….huh?  WTF?  Where in hell is DHS or child protective services when you need them?  This guy has intimidated his family into an empire and now, he’s plotting the next phase of manipulation.  The craziest part is that it’s hard to tell that this man just lost a son; you wouldn’t know it by the way he’s been acting, shouting out his record label at a press conference the day after Michael passed away and now, this.  He may have the best intentions for all I know, but damned if I can’t help but want to call an amber alert…..I just hope that greed doesn’t win out in this case, those kids are going through enough as it is, damned if they need Joe coming at them with a belt and some dance steps…..the shit ain’t right, y’all.


~ by darrylthewriter on July 13, 2009.

One Response to “Joe Jackson is Outta His Damned Mind”

  1. LMMFAO@”a belt and some dance steps..” that shit is funny…sad, ain’t it? this dude has NO shame, and I’m just mad that nobody from the Jackson clan is stepping up to the mic and denouncing that idiot, once and for all…The dude ain’t no good…

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