In Case You Thought Racism Was Over, Part 2


The very fact that this mug shot exists is a blight on our whole being.....for real

The very fact that this mug shot exists is a blight on our whole being.....for real

Last Thursday, Henry Louis Gates, Jr., one of this or any other nation’s most prominent African American scholars, was arrested on the front porch of his Cambridge, Massachusetts home for disorderly conduct after Cambridge police responded to a call from one of Mr. Gates’ neighbors about a possible break in.  This man, whose accomplishments and qualifications are too numerous and varied to even to begin to list here, was subjected to the same nonsense that all of us black men have faced or will face; the brutal cowardice and destructive power of racial profiling.  Mr. Gates, even after producing identification, was cuffed and arrested and made to sit in jail for four hours for nothing more than being black in his own home and having the guts to say so out loud.  The Cambridge district attorney has quickly dropped the charges, calling the incident “regrettable” and “unfortunate”, as if someone needed a law degree to come to that conclusion.  The scariest part of it all?  That even someone as distinguished and undeserving as Mr. Gates could be subjected to the same old treatment without any real cause……what hope does that give any of the rest of us?


~ by darrylthewriter on July 22, 2009.

4 Responses to “In Case You Thought Racism Was Over, Part 2”

  1. are you kidding???? Read the police report! Your so called prominant African American Scholar was arrested for being a dumb ass! Read the police reports and eyewitness reports before you call this a racial issue!!!! And by the way, why are you calling him a prominant African American Scholar????? Why not a prominent American Scholar???? I think your the racist! you make me sick!

    • Thanks for the response……so, I’m just to dismiss what Mr. Gates had to say about the incident and go strictly on the police report, huh? I’ve read the police reports and eyewitness accounts and came away from it thinking that the police completely overreacted to the situation, once it was determined that Gates was in his own house, it should have ended there…..the arresting officer escalated the entire incident. Further, I called Mr. Gates a prominent African American scholar because a) that’s what he is and b) that’s what he studies……you can come back and apologize to the racist anytime.

  2. The fact that you talk about his skin color sickens me. Until we as a people stop looking at a person’s skin color, for what ever issue it may be, good, bad or indifferent, it will always be racism at some level. I will not apologize for calling you a racist until you stop looking at people and their skin color and write stories based on fact and not regurgitating information you read from 3rd party sources. Darrylthewritter does not need to be the problem, you can be the solution!

    • Once again, thanks for the response……..I don’t know where you’re from or what your experience is, but as a black man that has been profiled and discriminated against because of my skin color, how could I not see color when something like this happens? I wholeheartedly agree with your assessment that there will always be racism at some level; that is just a fact of this life, sadly enough. But to blame it on me and those like me who would opine based on experience is, at best, shortsighted and dismissive. I didn’t have to regurgitate anything, what was reported was common knowledge at the time of my first post. I will write as I see fit to, that’s the point of blogging, as I see you are well aware of. The bottom line is that Mr. Gates and Sgt. Crowley both got heated and aggravated and made a bad situation worse; and as the authority in the situation, Crowley took it to the entire next level by placing Mr. Gates in handcuffs……period. What made race an issue in the case is how Mr. Gates felt about how he was treated and what feelings it brought up to him as a result; indeed, that’s where my reaction came from. As someone who will always point out what’s wrong and why, Darrylthewriter will always be a part of the solution, have no doubt.

      P.S. What makes me sick is how people won’t even try to have a perspective other than their own……tunnel vision is bad for all of us.

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