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Those dogs won't ever stop chasing him......

Those dogs won't ever stop chasing him......

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced today that Michael Vick will be considered for full reinstatement to the league no later than week 6 after Vick served his jail sentence for financing and running a dog fighting ring in Virginia.  Vick will be allowed to participate in pre-season games and training camp, as well as other team activities excluding regular season games until he is fully reinstated.  This is a good outcome, as I have maintained that while Vick’s crimes were heinous, he deserved to be afforded another chance at playing professional football at the highest level in the NFL.  Other players have committed worse crimes and been allowed back into the league with minimal punishment, including Leonard Little, Tank Johnson, and Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones.  Vick now has the difficult task to find a team willing to take on his baggage, as his presence will undoubtedly attract protesters and naysayers in droves.  I just hope the folks that hold the purse strings in the NFL will step back from the rhetoric and posturing of the past two years and give this man another opportunity to pursue his NFL dreams.  Only time will tell, but for now, not a bad start.

~ by darrylthewriter on July 27, 2009.

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