The Ups and Downs of being a Philly Sports Fan


The Architect of the nastiest defensive schemes Philly has seen since Bud Carson left town.....what a truly profound loss

The Architect of the nastiest defensive schemes Philly has seen since Bud Carson left town.....what a truly profound loss

If you happen to be a fan of the sports franchises in Philadelphia, then you’ve been on a roller coaster ride recently, with all of the news and happenings coming out of our town.  Case in point….yesterday, the Eagles’ long time defensive coordinator, the great Jim Johnson, passed away at the age of 68 after a protracted battle with melanoma.  Johnson’s schemes and tenacity brought instant credibility to the Andy Reid era in Eagles history by establishing a defensive philosophy that mirrored the blue collar ethic that Philly is known for.  His defenses punished their opponents from the first snap of a game until the last and the number of Pro Bowl defenders he produced was staggering.  All in all, he was a stalwart and as identifiable with the Eagles as Reid himself or even Donovan McNabb (as well as Brian Dawkins, but I’m not even going there, still pissed about that).  He will be missed tremendously and it’s hard to imagine an Eagles defense without him at the helm… deepest sympathies go out to his family and to the Eagles’ players and staff.

   Last Saturday, a brawl amongst Phillies’ fans ended in tragedy, as 22 year old David Sale was killed outside of McFadden’s Restaurant at Citizens Bank Park after a game between the Phils and the Cardinals.  Sale was beaten until motionless after a heated exchange between his party and another group that had been ejected from the stadium for an earlier incident.  I would hope that this will be the incident that would shock all Philly sports fans into the reality that as passionate and dedicated as we are about our teams, at some point we’ve gotta turn the whole intensity down a few thousand notches, because no one, and I do mean no one, should lose their life over such petty nonsense.  Sale’s family now must find a way to go on without him and it is all senseless and , frankly, stupid.  Whether something changes remains to be seen; the cynic in me doubts it highly.


The Phillies' newest acquisition, with that nasty leg kick......the N.L. is in trouble, for real

The Phillies' newest acquisition, with that nasty leg kick......the N.L. is in trouble, for real


    Then, today, those same Phillies completed a trade that will bring Cy Young winner Cliff Lee and Ben Francisco into the fold in exchange for 4 prospects.  While this was not the deal that most Phillies fans were clamoring for, Lee is a proven commodity, a stable arm in the arsenal that will help the Phils defend their title.  Ask the Dodgers if Lee has any value; they have to be kicking themselves for not getting something done with Cleveland earlier and now, barring a last minute deal before Friday’s trade deadline, will be forced to contend with a stronger Philly pitching rotation.  I would have loved to have seen Roy Halladay in Philles pinstripes, but Mr. Lee ain’t bad at all…..Rueben, you did good!!

     All of this, and Eagles’ training camp opening?  What a ride……and it’s only gonna get bumpier, strap in!!!


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3 Responses to “The Ups and Downs of being a Philly Sports Fan”

  1. Did the Phillies mortgage their future? I understand playing for this season, but what about the players they gave up. Lee will help, and Hamels is having a sub par season after winning the MVP in World Series. At least Cole has a hot wife.

    • My man, thanks for joining in… good as the prospects are that the Phils gave up, I do not think that they harmed themselves down the line. The farm club is relatively sound now and as the World Champs, they have an obligation to try and repeat and keep the momentum going. Lee adds a proven arm to the arsenal and that is gonna help them get where they want to be this year, we’ll worry about the future….in the future, I’m guessing. Cole and Brad Lidge are struggling, that’s why I’m hoping the Phils make one more move before the deadline to shore up that bullpen, that would make everything all right…..and yes, Cole’s wife is really hot, funny how that works, huh?

  2. chicks dig the long ball and Greg Maddux, and apparently anyone that makes more than 1 mill $, if only a few of those wagers went the other way for me in L.V., I wouldn’t need to hit the long ball to stay as attractive as I am. Well, Lee has already made an impact, impressive in his first start (complete game). He is a horse. If Cole is competitive than it should bring out the best in him. Mrs. Lee is also blond, but I would take Mrs. Hamels in the centerfold contest.

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