Michael Vick Is An Eagle


Good luck, homie....I hope you realize where you're going and what you're facing......Philly's a tough place for a second act

Good luck, homie....I hope you realize where you're going and what you're facing......Philly's a tough place for a second act

Wow…..I am in utter shock, really.  Not only did I think that Michael Vick was gonna have a really tough time finding a team in the NFL willing to take a chance on him, but never did I think that my squad, the Philadelphia Eagles, would be the ones to step up and welcome him back into the fold.  But, sure enough, there was Andy Reid at a press conference after the Eagles first preseason game, talking about how this all came to be.  Is this risky?  Hell yes!!  Philly is as unforgiving and cruel a place as there is when the fans have something to gripe about and the coming shit storm from the media and the protesters is gripe worthy.  PETA and anyone else not happy with Vick’s return will be vocal and visible and fiesty.  They will scream at the top of their lungs and they won’t back down from their stance.  They will do everything in their power to further the hell that Vick has lived through for the past two years and they will not be convinced to feel otherwise. Somehow, I’m thinking that the Eagles know this and are, at least in their own minds, prepared for what may come.  I just hope that they can find a way to allow Vick the space that he needs to grow as a human being and as a football player.  I hope that he can be successful and low profile at the same time.  I hope his new teammates embrace him and do all that they can to shield him from the hate and nonsense that will be sent his way.  I hope that Donovan McNabb will see this as a plus and not as a grab for his job.  I hope that in a month, we’ll find something else to talk about.  And, most of all, I hope that this strengthens my team enough so that they can make a run for the Super Bowl.  I have no earthly idea about how this will turn out, but I know I’ll enjoy watching.  Brother Vick, welcome to the squad…..make us proud.


~ by darrylthewriter on August 13, 2009.

One Response to “Michael Vick Is An Eagle”

  1. PEAT sucks…..their record of killing dogs and cats are alot worse than Vick’s….please read my blog about Bob Barker and the Blowhards….seems PETA has killed 97% of the animals left in their care instead of finding homes for them….according to their own records.


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