Let Me Start Apologizing Now……



The Stripes go for #27.......against the hometown Phillies......never thought I'd see the day.....

On the eve of the first game of my baseball dream, I’d like to establish a few things……my love for the Stripes is a direct result of my grandfather’s long ago issued edict that I could only root for the Dodgers in his house.  I would have probably went on cheering for all things Philly had he not challenged my father and I on this, so without him taking such a stand, I’d have never known the pleasure of rocking that new blue Yankee fitted.  Even though I am loyal to the Stripes, I really am torn about how this whole thing is going to play out.  The Phillies are the world champions for a reason, and their run to the rings last year was as awesome a sight as there has ever been.  They are a scrappy, tough, experienced group with weapons everywhere in the lineup.  Their first four batters are a pitcher’s nightmare and Ryan Howard is simply a grown-assed man in that batter’s box, there is no way around it.  I have a huge amount of love, respect and admiration for the Fightin’s and I’ll accept it should they prove to be the better team…..however, make no frickin’ mistake about it, this guy wants to hear Sinatra sing New York, New York four times…..I want Jeter to cement his place amongst the Yankee greats, I want A-Rod to show the world why he’s worth the dough, I want C.C. to give out three pitching lessons, I want Jorge Posada to call brilliant games, only surpassed by his bat skills, I want Mo Rivera to use that cutter to perfection, I want Hideki Matsui to become Godzilla right before our eyes, I want Big Stein to get another ring……I am truly sorry, Philly, but I want the Yankees to win this series in 7 and bring that ‘chip back to the New Yankee Stadium to take its place next to the other 26…….good luck to all 50 players playing, may the best team win…..Play ball!!!!!



~ by darrylthewriter on October 27, 2009.

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