How To Turn A ‘Chip Into a Stone


27 titles in, something must be right, beyond the dough

This is my first post since the Yankees finally put away the pesky, relentless Phillies in 6 games to claim the 27th World Series championship in their long, storied history.  I wanted to gloat and act a fool all over this page, but I dialed it down a bit and just let the satisfied grin on my face do the talking for me.  However, I’ve found out in the last few days that despite all of my cheering and rooting for what eventually was the outcome, the hatred for this franchise is choking the life out of any enjoyment that a fan would normally get from seeing his or her team bask in the glory of the ultimate goal.  All I’ve heard about since the Yanks’ win is how they “bought” their title and how unfair they make the game of baseball.  So, in an effort to brush back this notion that all it took for them to win was for Big Stein to throw his cash around, I’ll let you folks in on a few tidbits that might have escaped notice while folks were hating:

1) Championships can not be bought, regardless of what the payroll is.  The Yankees have long had the highest payroll in baseball, yet they have two championships in 9 years.  If all it took was to throw money around, they’d be on their 40th+ championship at this point.  The bottom line is ball players have to go out and play, regardless of what their salary is.

2) Every owner in baseball is a billionaire, at least.  With baseball being the one sport where there is no salary cap, each team can spend whatever they wish on their team’s salaries without penalty.  So, while the Yankees’ management actively seeks to put all of their resources into the team in hopes of winning, one would have to question why all of baseball doesn’t spent more on trying to improve their respective teams.  And, no, you cannot throw out the recession into this reasoning, simply because we are talking about a group of folks that would have to go a long way before feeling the effects of the recession, unlike most of us… has been this way for a very long time.

3)  The Red Sox broke an 86 year jinx to win two rings in the last five years; their payroll has been a smidgeon under what the Yankees has been, yet I never hear folks chirp about what they spend.  They seem to restock their team year in and year out, paying top dollar for players, without being hated like the Yankees are.

4) New York is the largest media capital in the known universe.  Anyone that has been through there recently knows how expensive it is to even visit there.  Therefore, it would stand to reason that if more money is generated, eventually more will be spent.  Where else on the planet would one be able to find two brand new billion dollar stadiums in a recession?  Big town, big money, big expectations… goes with the territory.

None of the hatred and venom thrown at the Pinstripes about money makes sense to me, it is a pointless, bitter exercise that solves nothing nor proves anything.  All you need to know is this:  if your favorite baseball team really wanted to spend money and compete, they could……rather easily, too.  Don’t hate my squad because they do and yours doesn’t.


~ by darrylthewriter on November 8, 2009.

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