The Wide World of Sports


This is the face one makes when trying to remove a foot stuck up their arse....

What’s good, my peeps?  Back from a beautiful holiday trip to Philly, I’m rested and focused…..let’s catch up on some sports items that have recently gone down….

Tiger Woods was forced to admit to some “transgressions” yesterday in the aftermath of a car accident he was involved in earlier in the week.  Woods released a statement just yesterday that, in addition to apologizing to his wife and family, demonized our culture’s need to scrutinize celebrities’ personal lives.  I actually agree with him on that point; the amount of press coverage into this has become nauseating; however, where much is given, much is expected and the carefully cultivated image that Woods has worn all these years does not match up to the what has transpired recently.  If you accept the millions and the acclaim, you also have to take the lumps when they come as well.  My guess is this will die down soon and he’ll go back to dominating the golf world and his wife will giggle as she counts the mils she’ll get as a result of homeboy’s wandering eye.

He's back, Philly.......

Allen Iverson signed a one year deal to return to his original team , the Philadelphia 76ers , yesterday and became emotional during the press conference held today.  Normally, I’d be the first one to bash this guy and his oversized ego, but I’m gonna give him the tiniest bit of leeway this time.  A.I. has been through the ringer throughout his career and the fact that no team would step up to claim him initially had to be especially tough to take.  Sure, much of his problems have been self-inflicted and his selfish style of play has become a liability in recent years…..but his return to this once proud but down franchise only brings good feelings and memories to a city that is in desperate need of something to cheer about.  A.I. is not The Answer anymore, but he fills the role of The Prodigal Son just fine….good luck, homie.

The fight that boxing needs badly.......who's gonna win?

Floyd Mayweather Jr. has agreed to terms for a fight with Manny Pacquiao, with the fight likely to take place in the first half of 2010.  Although Pacquiao has yet to sign, this seems like a formality at this point, and for the first time in a very long, long time, the sport of boxing has an epic bout to get its fanbase excited.  I, for one, amazed that Floyd signed so quickly and I’m happy for the both of them, in that they are about to make a shit load of money.  One can only hope that both men can train the way that they need to and focus on the monumental moment that is in front of them…….and I hope that Floyd doesn’t take this guy lightly…..just ask Miguel Cotto and Ricky Hatton about that….

Y'all must have forgot......I can get dropped, too......

In other boxing news, Roy Jones Jr. suffered another embarrassing defeat at the hands of some guy that I’ve probably stood behind in line at Wal-Mart.  Roy’s career just fell to pieces quickly, didn’t it?  Once upon a time, this was one of the most feared men on the planet….now, he’s seemingly a shell of himself…..this is starting to look like the end of Tyson’s career, ain’t it? Come on Roy……put those gloves down while you can still walk and talk…..for reference, go talk to Ali and Frazier, and see what happens when you stay in the ring too long…..

This is probably right after the Ritalin and Halcyon kicked in.......

Okay……I’ve tried to see things this guy’s way…..from the rumble in Detroit, the wack ass haircuts, the bad raps and Michael Jackson tributes, the forty foot jumpers that damn near tore the rim off the backboard, etc…..but this latest bit of nonsense from Ron Artest is too much to take…, this fool reveals that he used to get blitzed on Henny during halftime of games that he played in Chicago……wtf?  This guy got pissed when someone threw a beer on him, yet he was throwing back shots of cognac and then going out to play a half of NBA-level basketball?  I thought he was crazy when he tried to get a job at Best Buy to get the employee discount, but this is on the next level, dude is as crazy as cat shit……sorry, just gotta call it as I see it, he’s mental like Garth from Wayne’s World…..up his dosage, Doc, please…..

The Tennis version of the Method Man.....sheesh

And finally, speaking of revelations, how about Andre Agassi’s admission that he used meth during his playing days, intentionally tanked matches, and almost lost the weave that he had in his hair during the French Open one year…..the fact that all of this came out on his book tour is a little suspect, but damned, that puts his whole Hall of Fame career in another light, doesn’t it?  I guess image IS everything……and his image just got a bit fuzzy, at least in my eyes anyway…..shout out to Brooke Shields, who got trashed as well in Agassi’s book…..that was foul.

That’s it for now, folks…….but you and I know that there will be more to come……no doubt.


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